“A Different Kind of Music Lesson”

We have been the “Go-To” Music Education Specialists for 35 Years, September, 2017, teaching students of all levels and interests how to attain whatever musical goals they are looking to accomplish.

We specialize in fun, easy to understand yet detailed lessons that are focused on getting you playing quickly and understanding the science and art of music in depth.

The School is Owned and Run by Director of Curriculum, and Producer Gregg Zubowicz, who has studied with Iconic Music Legends from around the World, and taught many students who have gone on to Major Music Careers.

We  really “get into it”, and are dedicated to your progress and enjoyment while learning.

We have a small number of top professional Instructors who love to teach and you will sense that during your classes with their positivity, enthusiasm and encouragement.

We are located in the Browntown Shopping Center,
Route 516, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857

Phone. (732) 546-0702



Call today to start that Journey. We will get you there!

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