Suggested Listening, Volume I, Albert King…

Hey everyone, it has been awhile, sorry for the delay, but the good news is that the time has been well spent gearing up to make the year ahead at The Old Bridge Music Center the best one ever!

We will shortly be announcing a host of new things happening at the school, as well as some inaugural events. The summer has been great here at the School, with students leaving us super inspired with their dedication and commitment to their lessons and music studies. Thank you!

Stay tuned and visit back frequently to catch some inspiration from the Masters that we will be posting, and if you are a student, enjoy listening to some new musicians to broaden your range of influence, and expand your techniques. Listen and try to play along with the song.

There definitely are tons of great players out there to get inspired from, but an origin point for many of those styles come from The Blues, so check out one of our favorites, one of the Legends who inspired so many other of the greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan, and others-Mr. Albert King at The Wattstax Festival,Los Angeles Coliseum, August 20th, 1972 . Enjoy…

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