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Thank You for stopping by to learn about our Music School.


*Village East Conservatory of Music/Old Bridge Music Center Owner and Director of Curriculum Gregg Zubowicz. 

The Old Bridge Music Center is one of two schools owned and run by Director of Curriculum Gregg Zubowicz, who has also led the Village East Conservatory of Music to become one of  the top private music schools of its kind on the East Coast.

After graduating from Musicians Institute, Hollywood, California in 1983, he then went on to further his music education at the original The Mannes College of Music, NYC, where he recieved private classical guitar instruction with Michael Newman and Laura Oltman, (who have studied with Legendary Guitarist Andres Segovia), Arlene Thomas, Musonia School of Music, North Hollywood, California (Guitar Legend Randy Rhoads Classical Guitar Instructor), Pat Travers guitarist/Guitar Player magazine’s “Best New Talent 1980” Pat Thrall, as well as private workshops with Jazz  and Rock Legends Joe Pass, Tal Farlow, Allan Holdsworth, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Steve Morse and others.

During his time in Los Angeles in 1983, he was also fortunate to befriend and study privately with swedish guitar virtuoso and Grammy nominee Yngwie Malmsteen, as well as receive guidance from then Frank Zappa guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. Aside from teaching, he has also recorded and performed extensively, with a wealth of credits over the years, including Fabulon, (Capitol Records), as well as a performance with Mercury/Polygram recording artists The Mission U.K, (produced by Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones) 1990 “Deliverance” Tour at the Keswick Theater, Glenside PA., and many other Major label groups over the years.The highlight of this period was his performance and participation at United Nation World Parliament of Religions, , November, 1993, which was attended by many dignitaries, ambassadors, and other honorable world leaders, including representatives of the Dalai Llama and Martin Luther King.

In addition, he has composed music for film and television, including “G.I. Joe, The Ernie Pyle Story”, featuring President Gerald Ford, and other leading political and news figures, which was shown in the White House, as well as being aired on PBS.

More recently he has had the Honor and Privilege of studying with former Scorpions and Electric Sun Guitar Virtuoso and Legend Uli Jon Roth, having hosted two Sky Academy Master Classes at the Old Bridge Music Center with the Maestro in 2012, and 2013.

Known as “The Teacher’s Teacher”, he Tutors many Instructors both locally and around the World Via Skype and remote, and has been asked to teach the families of some of the biggest Celebrities and Producers.

He is currently involved in the development of several Music and Philosophical Platforms to share his Unique blend of the Art and Science of Learning and Teaching with Students around the world.

In addition to his innate teaching abilities, he is also an in demand Producer and Studio Guitarist, having recently Produced and played Guitar on the New Age/Classical Top 20 Chart Release from Monica Logani, “Secret Garden”, released Spring of 2016.

He is also the Guitarist and a Composer in Residence with the Film/Video Game/Television/ and Songwriting Production Studio “The Crow’s Nest“, Located in Colts Neck, New Jersey.

Student Alumni

Albert an Instructor’s Resume is important, we believe that it is the Students Resume’s that are of the most Importance, as it is the results of the Instructor that are the living examples of the Instructor’s training abilities, and are a tangible marker of what you can expect from whom you choose to study with.

Celebrating it’s 34th year, (making it one of the longest private running music schools in New Jersey, and the oldest in the area), The Village East Conservatory and the Old Bridge Music Center have turned out more professional musicians than any other Music School in the area. A partial list of some of the students who have studied at our School’s and gone on to Major success include:

Gordon Brown


*Alumni Gordon Brown On Stage At Fashion Week, NYC…

Gordon was one of the Initial Roster of Serious Students Village East Conservatory/Old Bridge Music Center Director of Curriculum Gregg Zubowicz had the pleasure of working with for years aftersigned to Capitol/EMI Records with Mr. Reality, Sony Records with Highway Nine, tours with Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews, Chuck Berry and others. Gordon is currently a member of Country Duo Williams Honor, who recently released their debut album which is climbing the charts as they tour the United States.

Additionally Gordon  is a touring member and Music Director with many well known Artists including Jesse James Decker (#1 Country Artist on ITunes and others.

Visit the Williams Honor Website here to learn more-



Kevin Riepl


*Alumni Composer Kevin Riepl deep in thought in the Studio.

Kevin Was a Student who studied with Village East Conservatory/Old Bridge Music Center Director of Curriculum Gregg Zubowicz for Years before becoming a Teacher with the Village East School.

After studying Composition with Gregg for some time he was asked to compose Music along with Gregg for his first film, the PBS Film “G.I. Joe, The Ernie Pyle Story” with President Gerald Ford and many other Dignitaries along with Gregg, which received critical acclaim from many Film Legends, including Steven Spielberg.

Kevin has since become a World Renown Top Award Winning Film/Video composer, scored the music for the #1 Sony Video Game Blockbuster hit “Gears of War”, Disney, Warner Brothers, “Batman Action Unlimited”  and many, many others.

Visit Kevin Online to Listen to his Fantastic Video Game Scores and Film Compositions-


Cara Salimando-


*Alumni Cara Salimando On Stage at the Legendary Coachella Festival, Indio California with New World Punx.

Signed with Universal/Motown Records, Toured with Ingrid Michaelson, Performed at the Legendary Coachella Festival with New World Punx, and many others.

Cara is currently signed as a Songwriter with Mushroom Music Publishing, a Division of Glassnote Records (Mumford and Sons and others)

Check out some of Cara’s Music here-


Monica Logani


*Alumni  New Age/Classical Composer Monica Logani.

New Age/Classical Composer who has seen great Worldwide success with her debut release “Secret Garden”, released the Spring of 2016, which was Produced by Village East Conservatory/Old Bridge Music Center Director of Curriculum, Gregg Zubowicz, who also wrote and recorded all Guitars on the release.

The album which was Mastered by Grammy Award Winning Former Windham Hill Records Recording Engineer Corin Nelsen stayed in the International Zone Charts Top 20 for 3 months.


Listen to Monica’s Enchanting Music  and learn more about her Artistry here-


More recently we were happy to see old student Zach Ostroff perform as part of the Grammy Awards Jazz combo, going on before Mick Jagger.

These are a few success stories of students who have come through our schools, many others have gone on to become top music teachers on their own, music therapists,  performers, and other working professionals.

Although we are known as the “go to” place for music students who are serious about learning, we also love teaching students of all ages, levels, and backgrounds to have fun playing their instruments. Whatever it is you want to learn on your instrument, we have a program for you!

After our initial consultation, we will set you up with the instructor who is perfectly suited for your interests and goals. Every student is different and we are dedicated to make your learning experience at our school fun, positive, and yielding the best results possible. We are known for being extra patient, encouraging, and motivational, with an extremely high success rate.

We also enjoy an exclusive affiliation with one of New Jersey’s top recording studios, where we bring students to record, and experience what it is like to make a cd in a studio used by some of the biggest names in rock over the years.

Overall, we love to teach, and are dedicated to offering to you what we hope you will also feel is the best instruction and experience around of its kind. Students now come from all over the state, (and even out of state also!) to be part of the Old Bridge Music Center “family” of musicians and friends.We hope to meet you soon and help you achieve all of your musical goals.

Thank you for stopping by, call now, and start the journey today, we will get you there!

Visit us on the web at:


(732) 546-0702

School Location:

2695 Route #516, Old Bridge, NJ 08857

Browntown Shopping Center Office Annex, Suite #2, (Upstairs, Next to Cleaners)

Current School Hours:

Mon. and Wed. – 2:30-9:30

Saturday 10:00-5:00

Until then, All the Best to You and Yours…

Your Friends at The Old Bridge Music Center

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  1. Kyle says:

    Tasti-D-Lite in Long Branch used to be Carvel. That area of Long Branch is West End. Max’s was on the Long Branch boardwalk pier until it burned down. Then it was on the boardwalk proper until that burned down. The current location came about in after the 1970s. Traveling south from West End, you pass through the wealthy Elberon section of Long Branch and then into Deal. From Deal, you pass through a few streets that make up Allenhurst then a couple of streets that are Loch Arbour. Cross Deal Lake and you are then in Asbury Park.

    The “circuit” consists of Kingsley Avenue running south, looping around in front of the casino, and then heading north on Ocean Avenue to loop back to Kingsley Avenue. As in the movie “American Graffiti,” riding the circuit was the place to see and be seen on a weekend night or all summer long.

    The Sunshine Inn was an old Hertz truck garage. Nearby was the Empire Bar, just up the street from the Stone Pony. Someone would come into the Empire and say that they heard Bruce was going up there and people would migrate to the Pony.

    Bruce’s wife, Patty Scialfa graduated from Deal Elementary School in 1967 and then Asbury Park High School in 1971.

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